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At One Hour Coaching we have a mission: empowering individuals to become better leaders of themselves and others.

For us empowering is about helping you feel more in control of yourself and of your life. Empowering is about you making the choices you need and want to make; you thinking of change as an opportunity and not as a threat. Ultimately, empowering is about you feeling confident to live up to your dreams and desires, lead a satisfying professional and personal life and look forward to the future.

We aim to empower as many individuals as possible. At “One Hour Coaching” we want coaching to be democratic, for all and not just for the few at the top.

Coaching is about supporting individuals to maximise their performance and potential; it is about enabling them to define a clear vision and goals, to gain better awareness and become more effective team players. It is about empowering individuals to become better leaders of themselves and others.


Data from the “Executive Coaching Survey” (Sherpa, 2013) shows that organisations allocated 67% of coaching to senior management and executives.
This is a growing trend (it was 46% in 2008).


What about the others?

At “One Hour Coaching” we offer flexible and affordable coaching to fulfil the needs of all those who would like to receive good coaching but until now have been deterred by the perception of business coaching as being pricy, time consuming and extravagant; in other words a luxury for just the few.

We genuinely believe that everybody can benefit from coaching, not just the few at the top. So, let us offer it to everyone.

Our Mission 


We believe in social responsibility and in the role that coaching plays in transforming individuals, organisations, communities and ultimately societies.



Is Business Coaching what you need

Business Coaching aims at clarifying goals and desired outcomes, formulating plans and actions to achieve them. It facilitates change by generating awareness, helping individuals overcome their limiting beliefs and finding new resources within themselves.

What is Coaching?


Nowadays the label “coaching” is used widely but not wisely. It is not always clear what it is, and what it is not. Therefore if we do not know what coaching is about, then how can we tell if coaching is what we need?

International Coach FederationAssociation of CoachingAcademy of Executive Coaching