Hello and Welcome! We have created this blog to offer practical information, tools, research findings, and case studies on global leadership and internationally living.
It is a space for inspiration, reflection, and learning.

We aim to create content that is interesting, easy to digest, and applicable to real-life situations.

Articles are focused on a specific topic and concise (10 minutes reading, no more) and always contain practical tools and exercises. The ideas, concepts, and materials featured are grounded in scientific research on expatriation, leadership, culture, coaching, and much more.

Intro to Emotional Intelligence (EI)

The case of Emotional Intelligence   Why do I often lose control in meetings?  Why is it...

EI: Empathy

The case of Emotional Intelligence – Empathy –   What is it? While self-awareness and self-regulation...

EI: Self motivation

The case of Emotional Intelligence  – "Self-Motivation" –   What is it? As said (see previous...

EI: Self regulation

The case of Emotional Intelligence  – Self-Regulation –   What is it? Once you are self-aware (see...

EI: Self-awareness

The case of Emotional Intelligence  – Self-Awareness" –   What is it? Self awareness is an...

EI: Social skills

The case of Emotional Intelligence – “Social Skills” –   What is it? Last but not...

What is coaching

Nowadays the label “coaching” is used widely but not wisely. It is not always clear what it is...

Is coaching right for you

Coaching assists individuals in setting their goals, making plans, and formulating...


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