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When they are successful, organizations are successful.

We take a 360 approach to leadership development: we cover the Who, When, What and How.

We tune into the specific needs of each individual. We partner with them from the beginning, through the assignment and beyond. We support them professionally and personally. Our coaching programs are grounded in science and help them bring out their best self.


Good changes are lasting changes

We have designed the H.I.T. Approach to facilitate lasting and sustainable behavioral changes. Our key principles, HOLISTIC ~ INTEGRATED ~ TESTED, aim to support inside-out growth, in context and system related leadership development, real life experience testing of new behaviors.



Developing from within


Leadership is a group act


Let experience teach you

“We do not learn from experience, we learn from reflecting on experience”

John Dewey, Philosopher and Educator

All our programs stand on the H.I.T. Approach to support meaningful and sustainable behavioral change.


We create Personalized Programs to best respond to your specific needs.

We work with leaders who want to boost their core skills and develop new global and international competencies.

We design programs for leaders at different stages of their career: from young talents to senior executive.

We work together with the individual and their sponsors to create a development plan tailored to their goals. We take into account their experience, skills, traits, type of assignment, and culture to identify key growth opportunities.

We have a pragmatic approach and we consider our programs as successful when individuals and their organizations can appreciate tangible outcomes. Goals and desired outcome measures are defined and agreed upon at the onset of the program.

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