Personalized Programs created just for you

We work with leaders who want to develop new global and international competencies, and get ready for a future responsibility or boost performance on a current assignment.

They want to master the ability to lead business, projects and people spread out over several countries or regions.

They want to overcome the challenges of managing complex organizations, and dealing with multiple stakeholders and culturally diverse teams.

They want to learn to lead effectively in a “distant” work setting where remote work, virtual communicating and time differences are the norm.

If they relocate to a foreign country, they may need support through the key phases of expatriation: Preparation-Transfer-Adjustment.

Our programs are designed to respond to each client’s specific needs. One-to-one coaching sessions may be integrated with relevant assessments, 360° or 180° feedback process, intercultural orientations and specialized support.

Example of a Global-International Leadership Program:

  • 10 x 60 minute one-to-one coaching sessions over a 6 to12 months period;
  • Awareness building tools measuring leadership and cultural readiness (leadership, personality, emotional intelligence EQ-I assessments);
  • After each session, integration with ad-hoc resources (tools, articles);
  • Between sessions email support as needed;
  • Face-to-face, virtual, or phone sessions depending on location and client’s preference;
  • Post assessment to measure growth and satisfaction.

Some of the most recurring themes

Leadership Competencies

As a Global leader you may focus on broadening your perspective and looking at the demands of leading across countries and regions.You learn how to shape effective virtual teams, build global networks, promote innovation,and rapidly adapt to changing situations. As an International leader, you may focus on how to be effective in an unfamiliar setting. You learn how to contribute with a novel vision, build trust, motivate individuals and teams, leverage the available resources, and build local and international networks.

Cultural Agility

Feel at ease and quickly adapt in culturally diverse environments. Understand your culture vs. the other cultures (values, beliefs, and accepted behaviors), identify your blind spots, capture similarities, bridge differences, and adjust communication style and behavior to different stakeholders.


Developing emotional intelligence (EQ-I) and use the emotional information to understand self and others, think more effectively, and build trust. Consciously manage one’s internal state, cope with stress, and maintain a well-balanced behavior even in high pressure and highly complex situations.


Define clear goals, create a work-life plan, maintain networks, and find mentors to ensure a rewarding career trajectory and job satisfaction.

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