Programs for Expatriate Life Partners

Expatriate Life Partners Programs

Let’s design your program together.

We work with Life Partners who want to find fulfillment and meaning away from home, learn new skills, and take full advantage of the expat experience.

You are the key to expatriation success. You are the supportive partner, the loving and organized parent, the friend, the networker, the driver, the cook, the party planner, and so much more.

Your challenge is to find the right balance between giving and receiving, helping your partner succeed abroad and feeling successful yourself. Your challenge is to be “who you are” wherever you are.

Our programs are designed to respond to your needs, now and looking at the future you. We may support you through the relocation process (Preparation-Transfer-Adjustment), focus on a specific phase of the transition or on a personal goal.

We may integrate one-to-one coaching sessions with relevant assessments, orientations, and career guidance.

Example of a Life Partner Program:

  • 6 x 60 minute one-to-one coaching sessions over a 6- to 12-month period
  • Ad-hoc assessments (e.g. EQ-I and wellbeing, vocational, strengths) and orientations (e.g. cultural, job market);
  • Tools, resources, and email support;
  • Specialist support (e.g. local recruiter);
  • Face-to-face, virtual, or phone sessions depending on location and client’s preference;
  • Post coaching reflection to assess growth and satisfaction.

Some of the most recurring themes

Preparing For Change

Manage change consciously by creating awareness and defining an action plan to deal with the transition and its challenges and to start designing your new life in the host country. This includes understanding yourself better, getting in touch with what you value, and creating a vision.


Learn how to leverage your personal resources and strengths, become more resilient to the stress of relocating and adjusting to a new environment. Practice self-compassion, learn new strategies to maintain optimal well being, and create a sense of belonging.

Cultural Awareness

Understand your own culture vs. other cultures, identify similarities and differences, set expectations, and understand how to best communicate and obtain cooperation from the locals and from the international community.

Career/Reinvention Plan

Define your occupational or professional goals, and reflect on what you can bring to the table - your unique skills, attitudes, and experience. Create the conditions for a fulfilling experience abroad, such as getting a new job, starting a portable career, volunteering, or enriching your CV to boost future employability.


Download your free guidebook to personal success during Change & Transitions

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In this guidebook, you will find our “Leading by Learning” framework for successful change and transitions. Our framework will help you enhance your leadership skills and achieve personal and professional success.